One of the world’s top tourist destinations, the largest inland water delta covers 1 % of the African continent became the 1000 UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.The Okavango Delta cuts through the centre of the Kalahari Desert, creating a unique inland water system that gives life to a huge variety of birds and mammals. The Okavango Delta is a unique safari destination because you can view much of the wildlife from a traditional dug out canoe, or more commonly a mokoro. Every year the delta floods covering 16,000 kilometres.The best time to view wildlife is during the peak of the flood, in the dry season from May to October. The wildlife is more concentrated on the islands at this time, and it’s therefore easier to see them, as the flooding recedes, new grass springs up and the wildlife scatters to feed. There are numerous lodges and luxury safari camps here that the company aims to establish partnership with to host their guests. Many of them offer walking safaris and night drives as they are located in Private Concessions.

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